Eco Friendly Christmas!

Here are TEN ideas to enjoy an
Eco Friendly Christmas!

ONE - SMS cherrygift vouchers - 25 million single use plastic cards are destroyed in Australia each year. This completely cuts out wrapping paper! Remember you can start scheduling your Christmas SMS gift vouchers today!

TWO - Digital Christmas Cards - Receiving a physical card is nice but honestly, who keeps them? Save our trees and go digital!

THREE - Invest in linen napkins - never buy paper napkins again as you can simply throw them in the wash and use them time and time again!

FOUR - Use your good China - Christmas is the perfect time to bring out the good stuff and you’ll also save on disposable plates and cutlery!

FIVE - Buy a real Christmas Tree - It doesn’t need to be huge and once you are done, plant it in your garden!

SIX - Decorate with nature - start searching now for some great table decorations. Try the beach, your garden or even your local markets for some hand made ideas.

SEVEN - Christmas punch - make a great big Christmas beverage to avoid waste of individual bottles or cans! Can be for the Adults or G rated.. whatever you prefer!

EIGHT - Save energy - During the day, turn off your air-con and go for a swim! At night, use candles but make sure you buy soy, beeswax or natural vegetable-based.

NINE - Grocery shop responsibly - be careful not to over cater and avoid food wastage. Our Boxing Day leftover seafood curry is always a hit!

TEN - Recycle - because not everyone is as perfect as we are!