cherrygift is the 21st century way to send instant love to friends and relatives wherever they are in Australia, via SMS of course! Send gift vouchers directly to a smartphone for immediate delivery, or scheduled for a future delivery time. No ocean killing toxic plastic cards, no forest destroying paper printouts, no fuss, how cool is that! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that I thought of that! How was that I hear you ask? Well, even if you didn’t, you’re going to be told anyway. Read on.

Born from a desire to send a much loved interstate friend an instant gift for a birthday (OK, yes last minute, we have all forgotten birthdays, all been there, don’t judge!). Couldn’t be done, nope, no way, no how. Well I wasn’t happy with that at all, if I wanted to send an instant gift, I figured, and it seems correctly, that lots of other people would too. So I got my entrepreneurs hat on and started to figure out how it would happen. To cut a long story short, now you have it, cherrygift. I missed out the blood, sweat & tears, living off pot noodles in a garret, well you know how genius has to suffer, but this is a happy story!

Where are we now? On this website you will find the rapidly growing cherrygift family of businesses from all around Australia, all eager and keen to offer their services for your delectation and amazement, a literal cornucopia of gifts for you to choose from. Any land based business which can offer gift vouchers, no matter how big or small, can join. All the boxes are ticked as far as site security, payment security through Stripe partnership, data protection, trademarks, this is serious stuff you know. We want you to be very comfortable in your gifting activities. Sit back, have a browse, shop and send, your family & friends will love you even more, I promise you. Have a business or know one which will benefit, contact us via live chat, email or any way you choose and we will help them become part of the family.

Where to next, I hear you ask with bated breath?? Well, a new app to make gifting even easier, more businesses on board to create even more choices, more streamlining and tweaking of the site to make things even more fun to use. You want more? Online businesses joining up, special promotions, loyalty points, and the next cherry on top, it might be Kiwi flavoured, that’s all I’m saying!! Excited much!! You betcha!

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