Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

Located on top of the Reef Hotel Casino, 35/41 Wharf Street, Cairns, Queensland 4870


  • Monday - 9am - 6.15pm
  • Tuesday - 9am - 6.15pm
  • Wednesday - 9am - 6.15pm
  • Thursday - 9am - 6.15pm
  • Friday - 9am - 6.15pm
  • Saturday - 9am - 6.15pm
  • Sunday - 9am - 6.15pm
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Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome is the world’s first Challenge Ropes Course in a wildlife exhibit. Located in the heart of the Cairns CBD on top of the Casino, it is an all-weather experience offering a range of activities for all ages. Experience adventure on the Mid-ZOOM or Hi-ZOOM courses, consisting of 65 elements including crossings, tunnels, a climbing wall, and three ziplines at various heights and lengths, including one directly over Goliath, our 4 metre saltwater crocodile. For the thrill-seekers, PowerJump is an exhilarating free-fall adventure with a 13 metre drop. After a rapid descent, a fan provides a safe, gentle landing at the bottom. The new Pirate Climb and Commando Rope Climb activities offer an exciting physical challenge to visitors, with participants climbing up a large cargo net or single vertical rope … not as easy as it sounds! Walk along internal elevated walkways and get a unique birds-eye view of the layout of the Dome. You can also step outside the glass walls (and your comfort zone!) to try the external Dome-Climb. Offering spectacular views of the city, the Coral Sea, and the surrounding landscapes, it’s an experience not to be missed. Meanwhile in the wildlife exhibit, enjoy a leisurely walk through our small bird aviary. Take the opportunity to interact with a variety of native Australian birds including Gouldian finches and fig parrots as they fly and feed around you. Get up close and personal with our snakes, lizards, freshwater crocodiles and turtles, and take advantage of our raised boardwalks to observe Goliath the crocodile in his year-round heated enclosure. The glass-walled enclosure allows you to see him even when he’s in the water, or view him from above on one of our elevated boardwalks. Wildlife Entry Only = $24 ad & $12 ch 1 ZOOM Activity + Entry = $45 ad & $27.50 ch 2 ZOOM Activities + Entry = $55 ad & $35 ch 3 ZOOM Activities + Entry = $65 ad & $42.50 ch 4 ZOOM Activities + Entry = $75 ad & $50 ch

Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome

Visit us at Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome, the world’s first challenge ropes course in a wildlife park. You’ll find us in the heart of the Cairns CBD on top of the Reef Hotel Casino. Perfect wet weather activity!