Korha Newborn Essential Packages

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In 2008, our baby was born. And so was the idea for this business. It all started when after the birth, we found ourselves so busy running to the store for more wipes, nappies, and other essentials that we didn’t have enough time for what really mattered. So we designed a product that makes life easier for new parents. With Korha, your family and friends can purchase – or you can give yourself – everything you need for baby’s first 3, 6 or 9 weeks. So relax and take your time. Korha gives you the precious gift of time. That’s why we chose the name “Korha.” It’s derived from the New Zealand Maori word translated to mean “gift”. In the Maori culture, when a baby is born, family & friends give a gift from the heart to the parents. And Korha gives you the most precious gift of all: More cuddles. More hugs. More time together. More of what really matters. It’s that simple. Because that’s what we’re about: Simplicity. Practicality. Quality. Joy. All the things you want for your baby… and for you.

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Korha Newborn Essential Packages

Korha Newborn Essential Packages

The essentials package - Everything a new parent needs for the first 8 weeks. More time enjoying your bub, less time running to the store.