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Telescopes -- So many people have always wanted a Telescope and when you purchase a telescope from Night Sky Secrets, you are dealing with astronomers with decades of experience out under the night sky using the telescopes we sell. We test and evaluate every telescope we stock. Our goal is to bring you affordable quality telescopes that are easy to set up, use and pack up. We give you the tools to be quickly and easily navigating your way across the night sky identifying stars, nebula, star cluster and galaxies in a short time. Binoculars -- Whether you are after Binoculars for the Astronomer, Birdwatcher, Mariner or someone simply loves the great outdoors. Our Binoculars all represent excellent value for money, with high quality build, finish and outstanding performance to rival big brand binoculars, often sold twice the price of our competitive range of Kson and Bosma binocular models. Tours -- Why not give the gift of the stars themselves and come along on one of our unique tours and delve deep into the hidden mysteries of the Southern Sky. Our seasonal tours are run in Far North Qld from May until November each year and are naturally weather dependent. Available tour dates are from 3 days after the full moon to 3 days after the new moon to give an essentially moonless sky & the deep sky observing opportunities that brings.

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Night Sky Secrets

Night Sky Secrets

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