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Being a 'Jetty Rat' is not about only fishing jetties. Throughout anyones fishing life, there is a stage where almost every arvo or early morning you would head down with a group of mates to a local jetty. You gain so much knowledge from fishing at any local jetties and the people you meet have a big influence on the way you fish. From this, your knowledge slowly grows and you learn the tricks and different ways of how to catch a decent fish off a jetty. From those days where you and some mates go to the jetty and are catching fish every cast, to those where you can't manage a single hit all day, all jetty days are fun. The days where you can't manage a single fish forces you to try different techniques and this allows you to become better at what you're doing a lot quicker than you would without these days. A lot of 'jetty rats' have had those times where you lose a big mackerel at your feet, or you think you've just been gill raked by a meter barra, but later realise it was a 100 pound grouper wrapping you around every single pylon. Sometimes you do get lucky though and manage to land that meter Spanish mackerel, queenfish or trevally, and this is the exact reason for waking up at four in the morning and standing in the sun all day casting lures, or waiting for something to smash your live herring. "Tight lines".

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The Jetty Rats

The Jetty Rats

We are a Local Cairns Fishing Brand run by brother and sister Chiara & Finlay Patalano. Bringing you great collaborations of fishing gear, FNQ photography and artists. We are proud to be a local business and we cannot thank you enough for your support!